Blogs to check out

This post was meant to be a listing of all the other blogs out there about Divine Truth and by people who are engaged on the Way to God … but it turns out, there are so many I couldn’t possibly describe all of them in one post! So much information and inspiration already there for us on the Web, for us to learn and benefit from others’ experiences.

So I’ll start with three – Mary’s blog, and the two blogs for the Australian learning centers in Kyabra and Cushnie. Next week, I’ll choose three more blogs to report about.

Notes along the Way


If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the Divine Truth websites and Mary’s blog. She writes between one and eight posts a month, about “practical tips, ideas, inspiration and encouragement for putting the teachings of Divine Truth into practice in day-to-day life.”

The posts mostly fall into a few categories:

  • “What’s Worked for Me” are things I’ve learned and things I do to support my growth towards God”, including activities and references to books, movies, and Padgett messages that helped her.
  • “Walking the Way” includes posts about ‘Relating To God’ (“God’s Nature and Qualities and aspects to developing a personal relationship with God”), ‘Growing Great Soul Qualities’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Your Stories’.
  • “What We’re Up To” keeps readers posted on Jesus and Mary’s “travel, projects and dreams!”

Most recently Mary posted a guest post by Eloisa Lytton-Hitchens about whether or not to home school.

Mary’s heartfelt and moving writing inspires me to grow in love, and teaches me how.

Cushnie Learning Centre


This blog is published by Rob and Angela Griffiths, managers of the Cushnie Learning Center.

According to their statement, the site “will contain hopefully all you need to know about our vision and our history, our current and future projects and the events that we will run to support and grow them all. We also welcome you somewhat into our personal lives and the learning that we have done so far along the way.

“Especially we would like to tell you about our dreams to bring heaven to earth, first in ourselves (the hard bit) and then to this land that we have custody of and then to the entire world… till its done.”

Rob and Ange post about once a month or couple of months. Recent posts have been the announcement of a public meeting taking place this coming weekend, news about koalas in Queensland, and updates on events at the learning center – Living Soil Days and Bio Fest.

Kyabra Learning Center


This blog is published by Peter and Eloisa Lytton-Hitchens and Susan and Michael Lytton-Hitchens, the co-managers of the Kyabra Learning Center. They post several times each month about the learning center’s projects and experiments, such as waterless gardening, living fertility systems, and vermiculture.

They also post about learning center events and other Divine Truth events; interesting people and topics, such as bees and guerilla gardening; and the beautiful vegan shoes that Eloisa makes. There’s a lovely gallery of photos of nature at the learning center, and tons of information about creating loving organisms, including lots of how-to info with diagrams. This site is well worth visiting if you are interested in creating loving ecosystems.

They write: “Our intention is for this to be our ‘website’. A place you can come and see what we are up too, events that are or will be happening here and also a place that will be a resource for projects happening at the Learning Centre and that you can do yourself at home.

“We will document things that we have found useful, fun, interesting, exciting and that work. We will also document the ‘what not to do’s’, our ‘failures’ and ‘mistakes’ and what we personally learnt. We intend to document them over time so you may see from where we came and where we are journeying to. What we do at Kyabra Learning Centre (Kentucky NSW) can be done on large or small scale. We are looking at using what resources we have on hand in a loving, logical and beautiful manner. We have much to learn and some things we have already found work, others don’t, and many things get changed as we gain more information, understanding and growth.

“We really love experimenting and exploring and discovering new things and new ways of doing things. You can try the experiments we have under way or wait and see how they work out and what modifications we make and then and do them then – it is up to you and what you desire.”