Welcome to the butterfly! A source of information and inspiration for people who are engaged with learning Divine Truth and the Way to God. There will be articles, stories, news, links, photos … and if you would like to contribute, I would love to hear from you!

My name is Trish Sanders. I live in eastern Arizona, off the grid, on an organic farm. I love living in and learning about nature (natural systems … sacred geometry … permaculture … bugs … mathematics … electromagnetics … fungus … anything!). I love writing about my interests and passions, and I’m currently writing a novel about Pablo Valencia. I’m very interested in developing my mediumship skills and spirit senses. Most of all, I am passionate about becoming more loving every day by and developing my relationship with God. I am deeply grateful to have discovered the Divine Truth and the Way to God through Jesus and Mary (AJ Miller and Mary Luck). I have been on this path since November 2009.

I hope you will enjoy the blog, and contribute if you have a desire to.

May you prosper in God’s love,