Abdominal breathing to access emotions

AJ recommends abdominal breathing as a regular practice to help us access stored emotions. Abdominal breathing means breathing deeply into the abdomen. We do this for as long as it takes, with the intention of feeling whatever comes up.

The first time I tried this, I had to do it for about 20 minutes before I began feeling things – but that was probably because my intention was not set. I thought the breathing would do all the work itself and pry these emotions up out of me whether I wanted them or not. I learned that I need to have a desire to feel them. (I did have muscle aches the next day – it was probably a pretty good back exercise!)

I feel it’s important while doing this activity to just accept and feel whatever comes up, not to try to analyze or judge it or wonder what the heck is going on. Just feel it.

You can breathe abdominally while lying down – just focus on breathing deeply into your abdomen.

It’s really good to breathe abdominally when you are feeling fear.