The Arizona Learning Center


Last Saturday four people met at the Arizona Learning Center to plan and begin projects there. Enrique Garcia, Frank Mistretta, Robert Majors, and Robert’s friend Billy constructed the first of many planned fertility holes, surveyed the land, and came up with strategies they hope to work on in the near future. The projects they’d like to do include building a pavilion for classes, installing water tanks, building a cob oven and rocket stoves, and constructing a shower that’s heated by passing a coil through a compost heap.

The land is located about 20 minutes northeast of Seligman, AZ, off Route 66. The biggest city nearby is Kingman, AZ, and the center is about three hours from Las Vegas. Frank Mistretta owns the land.


Fertility holes or piles are intended to provide the basic needs of life for bacteria, fungus, microbes, soil-based creatures, plants, and above-ground and airborne creatures (primary recovery organisms), as a first step in creating a loving ecosystem. You can learn to make them (and other permaculture and living fertility projects) at the Kyabra Learning Center’s website (in the links at right) – look under Projects or Experiments.


Next month there will be another event at the learning center, to check the fertility pile and do more planning, and AJ and Mary may tour the land. If it’s not too cold, this might be an overnight camping trip. Or, people could stay in Seligman in order to get two days of work done. If you’d like to participate, contact Enrique on Facebook or by email.