San Diego seminar notes – Saturday’s session

Somewhere around a hundred people attended on Saturday. For most, this was their first time seeing AJ “live.” Some had only just encountered his teachings in the week prior, after having seen the flier for the seminar. There was a good balance between males and females. Mary was there but didn’t get in front of the group.

My notes definitely aren’t complete, and please read them with a little bit of skepticism as far as the errors I might have introduced in the process of scribbling and then transcribing them.

I’ll post my notes from Sunday soon!


AJ focused throughout the seminar on the five most important qualities of soul:
This is the order in which we must engage them, because each depends on the ones that precede it. Fear prevents engagement with all of these in a soul-based and passionate way.

We must learn to be self-reflective. This is an attribute of humility. Lack of self-reflection is a major problem in our progression.
Because of lack of self-reflection, we seek leaders, and this desire brings about cults, religions, politics, and economic conditions.
Also, when we lack self-reflection, we say to ourselves that everything is okay inside me. This leads to the feeling either that everything is okay in the world, too, or that my problems exist because the world is not okay. Systems of belief develop to support these feelings.

To be self-reflective means allowing ourselves to see ourselves as God sees us.

We have God’s Laws helping us to see everything about ourselves:

    The Law of Attraction shows you what you are.
    The Law of Cause and Effect shows you what you create.
    The Law of Compensation shows you that you have done something out of harmony with love (so, you must develop a desire to know what it is).

Being self-reflective is part of being a self-responsible individual.

When I am considering action in a situation, I can consider it in terms of the five qualities of soul:
What would love want me to do?
What would truth demand?
What would humility lead to?
Would I sit and wait, or use my will in some direction?
What do I know (things I have faith in), that would inform my choice?

Fear suppresses will. You convince yourself you don’t have a desire when you really do!
By choosing not to feel our fear, we are choosing to suppress our will and desire.
How do you develop will? Through desire for a loving relationship with God and soul mate.

To choose to live in fear is an angry position.
We get lost in fear because we are refusing to act.
If we refuse any of the five soul qualities, we get lost in fear.
Refusal to act – not fear! – is the reason people stay in bad situations, etc.

Confusion and doubt are indications I am avoiding a fear. Hopelessness is a desire to avoid feeling fear – an angry choice also.

To act in the face of fears:
1) List your fears.
2) Do what you are afraid of.
3) Anger is your guide (also doubt, confusion, and hopelessness).
4) Take loving action.

Whatever is in our heart will motivate our will.

When we have a desire, we should do it! Only ask, is there any evidence that this choice is NOT loving? This is the only consideration that would make me pause from following my desires.

Prayer is the greatest expression of mankind’s will. The highest expression of will is the desire to receive God’s Love.

Will includes: desire, intention (future desire), prayer, intention to change, passion, longing, creativity, enthusiasm, choice

Look at the relationship between will and pain.

It is impossible to experience pleasure if you are shutting down your pain.

Jesus discussed the three selves, especially facade. The facade develops partly to avoid emotional and physical violence in childhood.

The deconstruction of the facade is an important problem. There are strong fear-based motivators to keep the facade: fears about others’ perceptions of us, often. Often it’s not our own inertia that stops us from growing but that everyone else wants to see the facade. Our parents wanted to see our facade. We respond to others’ demands and expectations, because we fear we won’t be loved if we don’t.

Jesus said, “I died because of people’s resistance to change.”

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