Divine Truth YouTube update

Mary has announced on her blog that she and Jesus are now filming a new series called “Emotions and Feelings.” This series will include answers to questions about fear that she recently invited on her blog.

The series has started with general Q&As about emotions and a recap of material from the “How the Human Soul Functions” series. Some clips are already up on the Divine Truth FAQ YouTube channel. Mary recommends watching this new series in conjunction with the “How the Human Soul Functions” series, which provides a lot of context.

The new interviews are:

20140409 How the Human Soul Functions, S02
20140415 How the Human Soul Functions, S03P01 and S03P02

These are in the Divine Truth channel in the Human Soul playlist. The clips that are now on the FAQ channel are:

1. Introductory comments for all Emotion & Feelings sessions
2. How do I deal with fear while going through physical pain?
3. I feel emotionally blocked. Is it a matter of time before tears finally come?
4. I often know the emotion I must feel, but how do I feel it?
5. Can darker emotions cause us to take impure actions?
6. Why do we wish to avoid our dark emotions?
7. I feel I am not receiving God’s Love. Why is this? Where do I start?
8. I control others through shame. I try to change. Why do my actions stay the same?
9. How can I release suppressed anger of many years? How can I get past this huge block?

Mary and Jesus are also completing their discussion of R. J. Lees’ book Through the Mists, and later in the year they will probably commence discussion of Lees’ The Life Elysian. Mary is inviting questions about the last three chapters of Through the Mists or anything about The Life Elysian. Questions can be emailed to her at mary@divinetruth.com, and she asks that you indicate the chapter involved and include a reference to the text that triggered the question. Lees’ books can be downloaded for free from the Divine Truth website (www.divinetruth.com) in the Downloads – Book Discussions section.

The discussions for Chapter 15 and Chapter 16 of Through the Mists are on YouTube now, in the Divine Truth channel in the Through the Mists playlist.


2013 Assistance Group cancelled

The Assistance Group that was to take place in October 2013 in Texas has been cancelled. Below is the email that Mary sent yesterday to people who had signed up.


Hi there,

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our contract with CYJ Texas (the venue we were planning to use for the USA 2014 Divine Truth Assistance Group). Continue Reading