2013 Assistance Group cancelled

The Assistance Group that was to take place in October 2013 in Texas has been cancelled. Below is the email that Mary sent yesterday to people who had signed up.


Hi there,

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our contract with CYJ Texas (the venue we were planning to use for the USA 2014 Divine Truth Assistance Group).

We had not reached the number of participants required for our contract by our due date and when we investigated renegotiating for a smaller number a serious ethical issue arose that we could not ignore, so the event has been cancelled.

Once our deposit is refunded by CYJ, we will begin work on refunding your booking payments minus any Paypal fees incurred through transaction.

A number of you have indicated that you would still like to see us in the USA this year and are willing to donate towards this happening. At the moment we feel that you should hold onto your money until Jesus and I feel clear about what we are going to do for the rest of the year.

If you would like further details on the ethical issue that arose, please see my correspondence with the venue manager that follows. There was a Jewish man who contacted CYJ and threatened them with negative media coverage if they proceeded to host us at their venue. CYJ became concerned about potential damage to their business and felt they had to consider acting upon the threats of this man and we feel that we can’t support an organisation that responds to the threats of others in any way but particularly to the threats of a person who is perpetrating lies.

We understand that many of you might feel disappointed about the event not going ahead but it is important to see how much opposition exists on the planet at present towards discovering truth, investigating truth and how common it is, particularly in the USA, to simply submit to violent threats from a state of fear.

Jesus has talked about this dynamic in the following presentations:

Best wishes,

Mary Suzanne Luck
71 O’Dea Road
Kingaroy QLD 4610
Ph: 4164 XXXX

25th April 2014

Hi Bar,

Thanks for taking the time to speak frankly with me this morning.

We have discussed the issues and have decided to cancel our contract and not renegotiate.

While we may have been flexible to shift to the new dates you proposed, the fact that even then CYJ would have to reconsider their contract with us based on another person’s false accusations and threats, means that we cannot proceed.

We feel CYJ has decided to consider responding to the lies and threats of a person who is attempting to intimidate and harass others, seemingly without any consideration as to whether that person’s claims about us are true or not, and we cannot support CYJ in that decision.

We feel that consideration of what this person is stating, without any supporting evidence aside from lies perpetrated by, and repeated by the media and this threatening person, and CYJ’s unwillingness or lack of desire to investigate whether these claims are true, and your fear of this persons potential actions, demonstrates to us that CYJ will not uphold principles of ethics and morality while under attack. We are uncertain about how CYJ would respond should CYJ be attacked by the media during our visit.

Individuals and organisations with ethics would care what the truth is and stand up for what is right, even when under attack. It is difficult for us to have business dealings with people who respond in any way to the threats of unkind people since usually we are blamed for those threats when we have done nothing to provoke or encourage them.

We note that American society seems to have this problem of listening to, and honouring the threats of potentially violent people and this does cause the society to respond to threats of physical and emotional violence and prejudice. We also note that the Jewish people and religion have suffered historically from exactly the same kind of treatment that this Jewish man is willing to perpetrate towards us, and threaten you with, which is quite ironic really.

While we respect that CYJ is able to make whatever decision it wishes, we cannot agree that even considering a decision out of harmony with ethics can ever be supported by God, and we personally cannot support the desire to consider pleasing a lying threatening individual rather than honouring truth or love.

I want to stress that neither AJ nor I feels angry about this situation but there are principles involved. We have encountered the same problem in organisations and individuals all around the world, and feel quite strongly that the world cannot become more loving while organisations and individuals respond to the demands of people who live in fear and who perpetrate violence by threatening others.

We ask that the deposit be refunded to Caroline Brock. Please send the cheque to the following address:


We would like to thank you personally for your work attempting to look after our needs and desires in our booking, and the kindness you have personally demonstrated while so doing.

With regards,

Mary Suzanne Luck