the butterfly is a source of information and inspiration for people who are engaged with learning Divine Truth and the Way to God. If you would like to contribute, I would love to hear from you!

Divine Truth is absolute truth, God’s truth (there is such a thing!). It is the eternal truth about God, God’s Laws, and God’s creation, including the truth about you. Some of the truth about you (and each one of us) is that you are a soul, your soul can never die, God loves and cares for you, and you can receive God’s love into your soul simply by asking for it with faith and sincerity. The Way to God is the way that God established for Her children (us) to return to Her and become at one with Her. You can learn about all of this on the Divine Truth websites listed in the links.

My name is Trish Sanders. I live in eastern Arizona, off the grid, on an organic farm. I love living in and learning about nature (natural systems … sacred geometry … permaculture … bugs … mathematics … electromagnetics … fungus … anything!). I love writing about my interests and passions, and I’m currently writing a novel about Pablo Valencia. I’m very interested in developing my mediumship skills and spirit senses. Most of all, I am passionate about becoming more loving every day by developing my relationship with God. I am deeply grateful to have discovered the Divine Truth and the Way to God, four years ago, through Jesus and Mary (AJ Miller and Mary Luck).

I hope you will enjoy the blog, and contribute if you have a desire to.

May you prosper in God’s love,



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