Drinking a large amount of water every day is helpful on this path, for a lot of reasons. It helps us feel our own and others’ emotions, helps us connect to our spirit friends and receive Divine Love, and helps keep our bodies healthy as we process through emotions.

In February 2011, when AJ and Mary visited Athens, Greece, they talked with the audience about water. Mary had channelled information from the spirit guides and guardians of the people in the group, about how they could get in better contact with their spirit friends. Drinking lots of water was their first recommendation, and AJ explained why. AJ also described other benefits of drinking large amounts of water and gave some tips for selecting water to drink and taking natural salt to help our bodies process the water.

This material is from the video 20120211 Spirit Relationships – Connecting to Your Spirit Friends, starting at 1:13:23. I’ve edited it slightly and rearranged it a bit by topic.

How much water to drink

Mary: The very first thing they said to me, and they say this to me often, is that it’s very important to stay hydrated, to drink plenty of water. Plain water.
AJ: Not flavored, not tea, not coffee, not alcohol!
Mary: Just water. And they told me that I need to drink at least three liters a day.
AJ: At least. For a woman, at least three liters a day, for a man, even more. Four liters, at times my guides have told me six liters a day, where I was going through different things – six liters.
Mary: When you’re processing a lot, they said it’s got to be more. I don’t know if you’ve done some heavy processing, but whenever I do, I always just drink so much more, anyway.
AJ: If you analyze how much you drink in day, most people would only drink one to two liters a day, if that. Many less than that. As soon as I get up, I drink one to two liters – as soon as I get up. The moment I wake up, down goes two liters of water. It’s pretty easy to do once you get used to it. And in fact, your body hungers for it after a while. You actually find your body longing for that amount of water, the instant that you get up. And this is a part of what will happen. As you get more and more connected with your guides, you will definitely want to drink more water.

Water and connecting with our spirit friends

AJ: As you know, seventy percent or so of your body is water. Also in the spirit world, seventy or more percent of a spirit person’s body is water. It’s just in a different form, it’s in a gaseous form rather than a liquid form. It’s like vapor. If they are going to communicate with you, it makes sense that water is going to have to be at the same level for good communication to take place. If you think about it, in a practical way, sound travels through water much better than sound travels through air. Much faster. It travels at a much higher speed through water than it does through air. And therefore with much more clarity. So even if they attempt to speak with you so that you can hear it, if you’re well hydrated, the sound will travel better and with more clarity, even if it’s to do with speaking. But the way many spirits also speak with you is through your emotions.

Effect of water on feeling emotions

AJ: To feel your own emotions, you need to have lots of hydration. You need to drink water so that you can feel yourself better. And when you feel yourself better – because all of our emotions are actually conducted through the moisture in our body – if you can feel yourself better, then you can feel spirits around you better. And if you can feel spirits around you better, then you can feel what their intentions are and what their desires are better. If you don’t drink water, you stop this ability of being able to conduct emotions, or even feel your own emotions, but also the ability to conduct emotions to others through the moisture that’s in your body. And it’s very important to understand that, that your emotions are very much influenced by water.
Question: If you’re feeling some resistance to going into your emotions, would it assist to drink more water to help you go into your emotions more and to be in water or connect with water?
AJ: Yes, yes, yes. Particularly to drink more water. Because to drink more water, your body then is able to conduct emotions better. So it’s far better if you can drink higher amounts of water if you are resistive emotionally. Unfortunately, when we’re resistive emotionally, we have a high tendency to turn to carbohydrates and other foods, and we have a tendency to drink far less. So unfortunately, it’s a lot harder when we’re resistive to emotions to drink large amounts of water.

Love and water

AJ: Also, by the way, the emotion of love can highly influence water, more than any other substance. Many of you may have read about the different experiments that certain people have done in Japan and so forth, about how love influences the structure of water. [AJ is probably referring here to Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scholar who has been studying the effects of human consciousness on the molecular structure of water.] If a spirit is in a very high condition of love, can you see that water is the necessary part for him to conduct his love to you, for you to be able to sense or feel his love (or hers for that matter). If a spirit is in a very low condition, then they are less able to influence us when we have high amounts of hydration, for exactly the same reasons. Because, the higher the condition of love, the more water we have in our body, the easier it is for love to influence our body. In a lower condition of hydration, the harder it is for love to influence our body, and so therefore darker emotions can influence our body more easily. Can you see the relationship? So water is really really important.
Question: And, you were talking about the lower level spirits, are they less likely to be hydrated, or are their spirit bodies the same …?
AJ: They drink far less water, yes.
Question: Is the same true of Divine Love, to receive Divine Love?
AJ:Yes. We are far more conductive to receiving Divine Love when we are well hydrated, yes.

Bicarbonates in water

AJ: And by the way, you won’t like some water, either. Some waters have high bicarbonates in them. I’ve noticed here in Greece much of your bottled water has very high levels of bicarbonates, and it makes the water taste quite funny sometimes. You need to go for water that has very low levels of bicarbonates in it. A lot of the bicarbonates are 250 parts per million, and it’s very very high, and you can actually taste it in the water. If you go for lower than 70, and there is some water that you can buy, even here, that’s lower than 20. If it’s lower than 70 you will actually enjoy the water more, your body will enjoy the water more, and it will actually be easier to drink higher amounts of water, as a result. I just find it interesting – I’m noticing more and more that bottled water is containing higher and higher carbonate levels. And there are certain medical reasons why people are doing that, but unfortunately none of them benefit your body, I feel. When you have low carbonate levels in the water it feels much better to the body, and also your taste buds enjoy it far more, as well. Fresh rainwater is the best, delicious.

Water and mineral intake

Question:It is said a lot of water can cause problems to the kidneys, have the opposite effect, that’s what medicine dictates now. I know it because my grandfather has an issue with kidneys.
AJ: There is a theory in a lot of medicine that if you drink too much water – and in fact, in practice, you can drink too much water. However, it’s to do with the soluble salts in your body, as to what happens when you drink too much water. So as long as you keep up your mineral intake, and the way to do that the best is by having a natural salt of some kind. So rather than using salt that is highly refined, you get a salt like Himalayan salt or something like that, that has a whole variety of eighty or so minerals in it, and whenever you have salt during the day, you use that kind of salt, rather than a competely demineralized salt. And if you do that and still drink large amounts of water, you will not have any problems. As I said, I drink four to five liters of water every single day, and I don’t have any problems with any of those kind of things.
Mary: It seems to me to be a relationship between how much you are processing your emotion as well, though. If you aren’t emotionally open, I think you could overdo the water.

Releasing toxins

AJ: The more you emotionally process, the more toxins are getting released into your bloodstream, because your body holds onto the toxins while you’re holding onto the emotions. As you release the emotions, your body now needs to clear these toxins out of its system, and water the best possible way for your body to clear toxins out of your system. So while I was doing a lot of emotional processing work, my spirit friends wanted me to drink six liters of water every day, and I found that really easy to do, actually, as well. It was really easy to do. Two liters went as soon as I got up, and then it was only four liters for the rest of the day, and that was very very easy to do. The less you emotionally process, the less water you will need to clear away toxins, but if you want to stay connected with your spirit friends, you need to drink three liters of water whether you have toxins in your body or not.

Praying over our water

Question: Is it a good idea to, not bless your water, but send it a lot of love before you drink it?
AJ: Any prayer for love of anything is going to help it, certainly. However, in the end it doesn’t change the chemical composition of the water you’re drinking. So if the water you’re drinking has high bicarbonate levels, for example, praying about your water is not going to lower the bicarbonate levels. It may help the structure of the water in terms of beneficial to your body, but in terms of your taste buds, you’re probably still going to taste it much the same and therefore not want to drink it as much.

Bicarbonate levels in bottled waters

It seems that some people look for water with high bicarbonate levels because this suggests that the water is alkaline and will help to keep the body alkaline. AJ seems not to support this idea as being healthy.

I did a little bit of Internet research and found the following information about bicarbonate levels in bottled water:

  • The highest in bicarbonate levels seem to be the more expensive imported waters: Gerolsteiner has 1816 ppm, Evian 360 ppm, San Pellegrino 239 ppm, and Fiji 150 ppm.
  • The less expensive waters seem to have a lot less bicarbonates. According to the corporate websites: Arrowhead 81.1 ppm, Calistoga 22 ppm, Ozarka (drinking water) 27-32 ppm, Pure Life (purified water) 14-34 ppm, Pure Life (sparkling water) 15-67 ppm, Deer Park (natural spring water) 2.8-180 ppm, Deer Park (sparkling water) up to 59 ppm.

I feel it’s important to consider the source of the water as well. Many of the popular brands contain water from public taps, which is then filtered, distilled, disinfected, and/or UV treated. I feel that all this processing creates water that is not very healthy for us to drink. City water sources can also contain traces of whatever goes into the water system, including pharmaceuticals, soaps, etc., and filtering may not completely remove them. However, this is just my personal opinion, and I would not be surprised if AJ disagreed about these being important considerations.


My spirit friend Lindsay

I’m processing some emotions now so might not post as often as usual … I am aiming for a new post each day, but when I’m processing, or very busy in daily life, that might not happen. I am both very busy and processing now, but for whatever reason, I still feel a strong desire to tell the story of how a spirit who was overcloaking me for a long time moved on.

Lindsay is a spirit that was with me – overcloaking me, I guess – probably most of my life. I feel that she was protecting me from feelings and memories, starting when I was very young. I believe we had a strong rapport and were so similar in our personalities and injuries that I couldn’t tell the difference between her and myself.

I’ve always (as long as I can remember) had feelings of confusion about who I am, what I want, how I feel. Because my parents were very shut down emotionally, and I was very sensitive as a child and had a strong desire to please, I didn’t develop a great sense of self. So these feelings of not knowing myself were/are based in my injuries but also came from tons of spirit influence. I often also had a “marionette” feeling … hard to describe, but like I wasn’t controlling my own body. That makes a lot of sense now.

Over the past few years I’ve become more willing and desirous to feel my feelings. I feel that at the same time Lindsay was growing, too … like I said, she and I were probably so alike that she felt similar desires to know the truth and feel her feelings.

Last spring I had some conversations with my husband about earthbound spirits, mainly wondering, how can a person possibly not know they’re dead? We talked about why a spirit might not understand that, we tried to imagine how it would feel to be without a material body but not knowing why, and talked about the resistance and denial that a person might feel about the truth that they have passed. I feel now that these conversations came from Lindsay’s desire to know the truth and helped her understand that she had passed.

A few weeks later, I visited some family out of town and had a lot of time to myself to feel and process. When I was alone one day, I began to have terrible feelings of fear and confusion. They were like the feelings I’d had before of not knowing who I am, but they were much stronger, extremely distressing, and there was also something I hadn’t felt before – a suspicion and terror that I was not who I had always thought I was … that actually I might not be Patricia! That I might actually be a spirit who was overcloaking this body, and therefore I might be dead! It was extremely spooky and terrifying. But I felt strongly that this might be true, and I prayed and prayed about it.

A few days later I met David Kelso and mentioned all this to him. He said, “Oh yes … there is a spirit with you, and her name is Lindsay. Do you want to talk to her? You could channel her.”

I had never spoken to a spirit that way and was afraid to. But we sat down and I connected to her and suddenly was sobbing. We talked to her a little bit and David explained that I didn’t want to be protected anymore and wanted to feel my own feelings now. Lindsay said “I do too.” David connected her with some bright spirits and she went with them.

It so happened that some male spirits who were also hanging around me saw this happen, and they came immediately afterward and wanted help, too, so David spoke to them and helped them connect with bright spirits also.

After that it was much easier for me to feel my feelings, and I’ve made much more progress. I don’t have those weird feelings of not knowing who I am – I’m much more certain of my desires and longings, for one thing – and that marionette feeling is gone. I feel that Lindsay has made good progress too, although some of her processing has been very hard for her.

I hope this story might be helpful to other people (mortal and spirits) who desire to grow and be in truth.


Jesus’s comments on fear and emotional processing in Philadelphia

This past weekend Jesus and Mary (AJ Miller and Mary Luck) spoke in Philadelphia. The audio and video will be online eventually, but Michael Bailey, who attended, was kind enough to post some of his notes on Facebook. I’m reposting his notes, because this is such valuable material. Many thanks, Michael!

From Michael:

It’s impossible to summarize a talk with so many gems! But I want to share some of Jesus’ comments on fear and emotional processing from his closing statements Sunday, Oct. 20, particularly because of their value to those who will see them in San Diego and Texas. Text is taken from informal recording made in audience. ~Mike Bailey

Jesus told the Philadelphia audience that he and Mary are trying to be more frank and honest about what is in us. If we are willing to know, and they feel this in us, they will try to share more truth, so we can confront what is going on inside ourselves.

He said that many people are going to be confronted and won’t want to come again. They’ve seen this happen in England and Greece. But it’s OK with him and Mary, as they are not trying to build a following. They are just interested in sharing truth. It is not their desire to feed the addictions of the people in their audiences.

He said, “The reality is, truth can be very confronting and it’s going to trigger a lot of your fears.”

[Personally, I (Mike) have had anxiety about what Jesus will say to me in Texas, because there’s plenty to confront in me! (Ya know??) But we had just heard Mary spend two hours detailing how Jesus exemplifies divine love and how she responded to the intensity of living with him for these past six years, and Jesus had just given us a cool strategy for dealing with our fears, which I will summarize at the end of this note. And so I felt confident Sunday rather than afraid. He understands, and doesn’t judge us. He said that when confronted by truth, we will either rebel or accept it. He wants to help us to accept it, and he gave the following suggestions.]

“What I encourage you to do, particularly those of you considering coming to Texas, is to come with a very open heart and be willing to listen to some of the feedback that we give. You’re going to find a lot of the things we say quite confronting … and not everyone’s going to be very happy.

“So allow that process to continue. If you feel anger, feel the anger. If you feel like rebelling, feel the rebellion. Don’t avoid the feelings that are involved in the process of hearing truth. Because if you avoid the feelings, no progress can actually occur.

“So what I’d encourage you to do is, feel the feelings rather than avoid the situations.”

And Mary said, “Embrace whatever opportunity you have to receive truths, to see yourself. Totally embrace those things, and then just be humble to what you feel in those situations.” She had done this in her relationship with Jesus and she said she’s changed from being a hard, angry, rebellious woman to a person who is not only softer, but now has a desire for truth.

Jesus continued:

“This is what we need to be aware: There will be addictions inside of you that you do not want to address, and … what you choose to do with that is going to cause you to either rebel or go into acceptance and go through some emotions.

“What I’d encourage you to do is, when you feel that feeling of rebellion, start to see it as just a feeling of rebellion, rather than something I did (to you). … I’m not trying to harm you here, what I’m trying to do is help you become more loving and truthful and have a much happier life. That’s all I’m trying to do. I know very firmly that I know the way that that can happen, because I’ve personally experienced that way. And what I’m encouraging you to do is follow the same way, the same method, if you like. I’m not encouraging you to follow me — I don’t need you to do what we do, but I do wish (that) in a year’s time … I’d love to see a happier group of people who feel more love for each other, feel more love for God, feel that their lives have changed, feel like their situation has improved, feel like they have less fears.

“How that happens is completely up to yourselves. I have very little to do with it, aside from sharing some truth with you. The rest of the work is completely up to you.

“What I encourage you to do is to do the work, rather than just as soon as you get something confronted, run away.”

And in closing, Jesus and Mary thanked the Philadelphia audience for its openness and desire to discover more truths. “We would definitely enjoy seeing you guys again.” He did note there were just a few times when we shut down emotionally. One of the times was when we were discussing personal responsibility. “There was a heavy shutdown at that point, which shows that many of you don’t want to take personal responsibility,” he said.

[NOTE: The preceding text condenses 16 minutes of closing remarks, so be sure to listen to the official Divine Truth recording when it’s released to get the full story. The following text summarizes 11 minutes just before the closing remarks, with some paraphrasing.]

Jesus was presenting his strategy for dealing with fear. On the white board, he drew a scale of our emotions. The vertical axis was level of fear associated with any emotion and the horizontal axis was length of time before we process the emotion. The plotted line rose at a 45-degree angle, indicating that minor fears take little time to process and major fears take much time to process.

Jesus said that most people tackle minor fears first, leaving big fears for later. He encourages us instead to actively deal with the emotion that we currently identify as our largest fear right now, because releasing it would change many aspects of our lives straightaway.

(Mary said, with regard to addictions, if you’re wondering which is the most important one to start with, go with the one that is the most scary to challenge. That’s the rapid way to grow.)

Jesus said:

“If you can find the fear that is the largest one that you’ve identified, and instead of dealing with it in two years’ or 10 years’ time, or wait for the Law of Attraction to create some events that make you deal with it, bring it forward and do it now.

“What will happen is your life will significantly change very rapidly. You will rapidly speed up your own progression by focusing on the largest fear that you know of. (There are fears you don’t know of that are even greater.) You will speed up your progression so rapidly, that your whole life will change rapidly as a result. It will give you control over how fast you progress. The people who progress most slowly are those who choose to deal with their smallest fears first, and it’s only when they ‘feel ready,’ as they say, that they deal with the next fear.

“If you know you have a fear, bring that fear forward to now, feel through it, work on it, put some effort into doing the work on it, and let yourself feel it, because that will cause so much healing of your life and also create so much joy. Once those biggest fears go, desires of all kinds start coming out of you that you never knew you had before.

“So do it now. Don’t wait for events to catch up with you. Deal with the fear that has the biggest potential positive effect on your life.

“If we address the fears that dominate our lives first, the little fears will feel like nothings. … The people who deal with their big fears first, progress more rapidly, they become happier faster, they enjoy more of God’s love as a result if they long for it, and their life changes more rapidly. You can meet them one year and again the next year, and their whole life is different.

“The psychology of fear is, these big fears are the ones that we spend our whole lives trying to prevent. So I suggest that if your life is not changing rapidly, things aren’t improving rapidly, relationships aren’t improving rapidly, it’s because you want to do the gradual little things, the little fear that you can manage every time. Once you do these big things, process through them, you can see logically it will have a huge impact on your life in so many areas.

“What I like about dealing with these big ones, too, is they affect your life in so many areas, and once removed, your life will improve in almost every area; but these little fears usually only affect your life on one area. So if you remove them, it’s only that one area that changes. It still needs to be removed, too, but once you have faced and felt this (large) fear, how easy will it be to deal with this (small) one. It will be like a molehill in comparison, and that’s what it will feel like in comparison to these large ones.

“What I’ve done with my fears is, I list them in order of how big they are inside of myself and I focus on the biggest ones first, because I find that if I don’t, my life will change very slowly. I don’t know about you, but I like my life changing rapidly.

“Understand that obviously, whenever we have opposing feelings occurring within us, we have certain fears and certain addictions in play, and don’t be surprised if some of the things you think are good about yourself actually have a lot of addictions in them, and don’t be surprised if some of the things you think are bad about yourself actually also have a lot of purity in them.

“In the end, that’s the kind of thing God will show you through the process.”

Abdominal breathing to access emotions

AJ recommends abdominal breathing as a regular practice to help us access stored emotions. Abdominal breathing means breathing deeply into the abdomen. We do this for as long as it takes, with the intention of feeling whatever comes up.

The first time I tried this, I had to do it for about 20 minutes before I began feeling things – but that was probably because my intention was not set. I thought the breathing would do all the work itself and pry these emotions up out of me whether I wanted them or not. I learned that I need to have a desire to feel them. (I did have muscle aches the next day – it was probably a pretty good back exercise!)

I feel it’s important while doing this activity to just accept and feel whatever comes up, not to try to analyze or judge it or wonder what the heck is going on. Just feel it.

You can breathe abdominally while lying down – just focus on breathing deeply into your abdomen.

It’s really good to breathe abdominally when you are feeling fear.